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Things to watch out for after you’ve undergone weight loss (bariatric) surgery

Common Post-Surgery Complications: Understanding the Risks First and foremost, recognize the recovery for weight loss surgery is six months to one year, not two weeks. One of the biggest risks after weight loss surgery is that the patient will develop chronic malnutrition. This can be incredibly serious. In extreme cases, a patient deprived of thiamine […]

Why Emergency Room Physicians Don’t Understand How To Take Care Of Patients Who Have Recently Undergone Bariatric Surgery

Here is something we have learned at G. Eric Nielsen & Associates from hard experience over many years: People who undergo weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery) are at risk for severe post-surgical complications for several months. Bariatric surgery is not like gallbladder surgery. It is not like an appendectomy. When the surgeon removes your diseased […]

Utah Statute of Limitations: Never assume that you have a full two years in which to sue a careless doctor or hospital under Utah Law!

Most people are aware that generally, Utah law allows victims of medical negligence two years in which to sue the doctor, nurse, or hospital who committed malpractice against them. However, that is only a general rule. The general rule is riddled with exceptions. One of the biggest exceptions to this rule is the hospital at […]

Compartment Syndrome

Over the years, our firm has had the opportunity to represent countless clients who have suffered life-changing complications following what they thought would be fairly simple surgeries. One of the most devastating complications we have seen is something called compartment syndrome. Compartment syndrome is a life-threatening condition that occurs when pressure within your muscles builds […]

Importance of Board Certification for Plastic Surgery

Utah’s demand for plastic surgery is one of the highest in the nation. In 2010, Utah ranked 8th in the nation for the number of plastic surgeries per capita. This love affair with cosmetic enhancements leads to deadly complications for Utah patients. The attorneys at G. Eric Nielson and Associates hear horror stories all too […]