Wrong Medication

A single case of wrong medication can have devastating consequences, but you have the power to right this wrong. At G. Eric Nielson & Associates, our lawyers are experts in medication error lawsuits and will tirelessly advocate for your rights.

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How Do Prescription Medication Errors Occur?

If you or a loved one’s health has been compromised due to an error involving a prescription medication, you may be wondering what led to the problem. Doctors and pharmacists can make avoidable mistakes in prescribing or administering medications, which results in needless harm to the patient. Some examples of these oversights include:

  • Administering the wrong dosage
  • Labeling medication incorrectly
  • Dispensing the wrong medication
  • Failure to warn patient of side effects
  • Not educating the patient about side effects
  • Ignoring dangerous drug interactions
  • Not involving the patient in the decision about which drug to use

High-Risk Prescription Medications

Administering the wrong medication can be particularly devastating when a high-risk prescription is involved. These medications can include drugs like Gentamicin, Lamictal, Vioxx, or many antipsychotic drugs which are known to have serious side effects.

In some cases, if the wrong dose of these drugs is administered or if they are given improperly by a doctor or pharmacist, the consequences could be potentially fatal. If you or a loved one has been seriously harmed, we can fight for you in a medication error lawsuit.

Hold THem Accountable

Negligent Actions of Hospital Personnel

When you go to the hospital, you’re putting your trust in the hands of the nurses and pharmacists that are meant to care for you and your health. Unfortunately, not all medical staff members take this responsibility with the gravity it deserves.

If you or your loved ones have experienced the following scenarios with a medical provider, you may qualify for a case:

What You Can Do if You’ve Been Impacted By Medication Error

If you’ve experienced a medication error, you may be unsure of what to do next. Luckily, justice is within reach. At G. Eric Nielson & Associates, our experienced lawyers can help you take legal action and seek the compensation you deserve.

While Tort laws aim to protect medical staff from accountability, we’ll vigorously fight to hold them responsible on your behalf. A medication error lawsuit isn’t just about financial compensation; it’s about holding those responsible accountable to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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With more than 75 years of experience, G. Eric Nielson & Associates have the extensive resources and expertise to take on large pharmaceutical companies and their legal teams. Since medication error lawsuits can be a complex and lengthy process, it’s essential that you seek experienced legal counsel who comb through all of the details with precision.

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