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At G. Eric Nielson & Associates, we’re determined to give a voice to those who have needlessly suffered from surgical errors. Our experienced and knowledgeable surgical errors lawyers are here to help you understand your rights, develop a strong compensation case, and fight for the justice you deserve.

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Surgeons Can Make Surgical Errors

When you’re in need of surgery, you’re putting an immense amount of trust into your surgeon. Unfortunately, sometimes that trust is compromised. When a surgeon makes a mistake during a procedure, the results on your body could be devastating. Complications that arise from surgical errors can range from infection and nerve damage, to paralysis or even death.

At G. Eric Nielson & Associates, we understand that the suffering caused by medical malpractice is preventable. We’re here to help you seek justice. From investigating the circumstances of your surgery to determining if medical malpractice occurred, our surgical error lawyers will work hard to ensure you get the best possible outcome in your case.

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How Surgical Error Occurs

Mistakes happen, but when it comes to your health and safety, accountability and justice are mandatory. If you or a loved one has been the victim of surgical error, you know exactly how painful the results could be.

Anesthesia Errors

It’s the anesthesiologist’s job to make sure the patient can breath during the operation. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the anesthesiologist to put the breathing tube down the wrong part of the throat. When this happens, air is being put into the patient’s stomach instead of their lungs and the results can be devastating. This can lead to a brain injury or even death.

Failure To Recognize A Complication

During the process of surgery, a surgeon may inadvertently injure nearby organs or blood vessels. Unfortunately, they don’t always recognize when this has happened, and they send the patient home. For hours, or even days, the patient gets sicker and sicker until they end up back in the emergency room, or worse.

Hurried Post-Operative Discharge

The more procedures that a doctor or hospital can do, the more money they make. That often means that patients are shuffled in and out of operating rooms as quickly as possible. Doctors and nurses have an obligation to make sure the patient can breathe adequately and that their vital signs are normal before they send them home. Sending a patient home too soon puts them at risk of serious, sometimes deadly, complications.

Failure to Treat Infection

It is not uncommon for a patient to develop an infection after a surgery. If they do, it is the doctor’s obligation to recognize it and treat the infection with antibiotics or other necessary medications. If the doctor neglects to figure out what is happening, the infection can spread and cause even more serious health issues.

Failure to Give Blood Thinners

If a surgeon fails to recognize that the patient needs blood thinners, such as aspirin or heparin, after surgery, the patient may be at risk of developing a blood clot. These often start in the legs and then travel up to the lungs. A clot in the lungs is called a pulmonary embolism and can be deadly.

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