Birth Injuries

The attorneys at G. Eric Nielson & Associates have been handling medical malpractice cases for over 30 years. We understand the key to a successful birth injury case is focusing on the needs of you and your child. You’ve been through a traumatic experience with the birth of your child. You can trust our birth injury attorneys to make sure holding the doctor and hospital accountable will not be a traumatic experience.

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What Are Some Common Causes of Birth Injuries?

During or after childbirth, you or your baby may have experienced the following injuries:

Could Your Injuries or the Injuries of Your Child Have Been Avoided?

While childbirth does come with risks, certain situations and outcomes are avoidable. If you or your child were seriously injured during childbirth, you might have a case for medical malpractice.

We’ve learned that one of the most important things we do for our clients is help them get answers. Trust your intuition. If you think something may have gone wrong and your child was injured, let us help you get the answers you need.

Some injuries may have lifelong consequences, which is why legal action should be taken if the injury was preventable. Your family deserves justice for the reckless actions of medical professionals who failed to provide proper care.

Types of Preventable Birth Injuries

In some cases, medical malpractice can cause birth injuries. A few common causes of preventable birth injuries include:

  • Delay in performing a cesarean section
  • Failure to anticipate birth complications
  • Failure to properly monitor mother or baby
  • Improper use of forceps or vacuum extractors
  • Administering too much medication during labor and delivery

This is not an exhaustive list. If you are not sure whether your child’s injury was caused by medical negligence, we can help. Our experienced birth injury attorneys have extensive knowledge and will investigate the situation to determine if medical malpractice was a factor in your case.

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Has Your Child Been Diagnosed with Erb’s Palsy or Cerebral Palsy?

If your baby has been diagnosed with Erb’s Palsy or Cerebral Palsy, you have legal rights to pursue a medical malpractice claim.

Should You Partner with a Birth Injury Attorney?

Anytime you’ll be challenging a major institution, such as a healthcare organization or hospital, you’ll need the power of an experienced attorney to back you up. A birth injury attorney will possess knowledge of state and national laws that apply to your case to build you a comprehensive legal strategy.

Birth injury cases can take years without the right legal help. The laws surrounding medical malpractice are complicated and built to protect medical providers and their organizations. Our experienced birth injury attorneys are here to level the playing field in your case so that you can get the justice you and your child deserve.

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