Medical Technology Devices and Malpractice

One of the reasons that medical malpractice occurs so frequently is increased reliance on computerized systems, automatic orders, and inadequate training on the proper use of medical technology and devices.   Thankfully, the healthcare industry is starting to take note.  A recent article titled New Medical Technology Poses Safety Problems if Users not Trained Properly,” published by Modern Healthcare addresses this increasing problem. As the article states:

Recent studies have found that rapid implementation of new medical technology—electronic health records, patient monitoring devices, surgical robots and other tools —can lead to adverse patient events when it is not thoughtfully integrated into workflow.

Although advances in technology and science have advanced medical care and increased quality in many areas, there is no substitute for conscientious and attentive clinical decision making. Unfortunately, sometimes health care providers rely too heavily on computerized systems and technology, and too little on what each individual patient needs. Add in poor training, and you’ve got a recipe for medical malpractice.