Do you feel you have been touched inappropriately by a physician?

Allegations have recently come to light that Dr. David Broadbent, an OB/GYN in Provo, Utah, has been sexually abusing many of his female patients.   Over 100 women have courageously come forward and disclosed the abuse that was perpetrated against them by their trusted doctor.

Apparently the abuse had been going on for decades and many of Dr. Broadbent’s victims were college students or women who immigrated to Utah from other countries.  These women would often end up in the emergency room after experiencing bleeding from Dr. Broadbent’s abusive exams.

As is often the case, most of the victims were too afraid, too confused, or too ashamed to come forward.  They trusted their doctor and did not want to believe he was capable of doing the things he did.

However, now that women have begun reporting the abuse, it is time for anyone who was victimized by Dr. Broadbent to come forward.  Although the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing suspended his medical license for a short period of time, it now appears that he is going to get his license back.

If you have been abused by Dr. Broadbent, tell someone, regardless of how long ago it occurred.  Even if you do not want to report it to the authorities, you can still pursue your own claims against Dr. Broadbent and hold him accountable for what he did.  Please give us a call at G. Eric Nielson and Associates. We can help.