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Affidavit of Merit Requirement Ruled Unconstitutional

On July 19, 2019, G. Eric Nielson & Associates celebrated a substantial victory for victims of medical malpractice in the State of Utah. In the landmark case of Vega v. Jordan Valley Medical Center, et al., our firm, on behalf of all our present and future clients, persuaded the Utah Supreme Court to declare that […]

Medical Negligence and Keeping Secrets

Health Leaders Media recently reported that a startlingly high percentage of health care providers fail to disclose their errors due to fears of reprisal or retaliation. As a medical malpractice lawyer, I’ve never understood why hospitals and health care corporations don’t just admit their mistakes and make the people whole.  They would put my colleagues […]

What About the Patient?

There is a great article up at the Huffington Post that discusses the emphasis on protecting insurance companies and negligent doctors without providing adequate protection for patients in proposed health care legislation. Regardless of what side of the “tort reform” debate you find yourself, it’s worth a read. —Ryan Springer