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“Jennifer” was admitted to a local hospital to undergo a hysterectomy. During the surgery the doctor used numerous sponges and towels to control the bleeding and move organs out of the way. After the surgery Jennifer’s abdomen was sewn up and she went home the next day.

For the next eight years Jennifer saw her doctor for numerous pains and illnesses that her doctor’s could not explain. Finally, after experiencing severe abdominal pain for some time, a radiology film was taken that showed a volleyball sized pocket of infection inside her stomach.

Jennifer was taken in for surgery and when the surgeon opened up the abscess in her stomach he found a large blue towel inside. It was a towel used in the hysterectomy eight years earlier.

We sued the hospital for allowing towels to be used during the surgery and for failing to properly keep track of all the things that went inside Jennifer’s stomach. The hospital compensated Jennifer for the years of pain and misery she suffered from having the towel in her stomach for eight years.

If a surgeon or hospital is responsible for leaving a foreign object in your body after surgery, please call G. Eric Nielson & Associates, we can help.

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