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Recent Medical Malpractice & Negligence Cases
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We don’t do divorces. We don’t do criminal defense. Don’t call us to prepare a will for your family. We don’t do contract disputes, trademark litigation, or workers compensation cases. We focus on medical malpractice and medical products liability litigation. We avoid the “Jack of all trades, master of none” problem so many law firms get into. Here are the stories of a few of our clients.


These are just a few of the medical malpractice cases we have handled. They were complex, hotly contested, medically sophisticated cases that required experienced and aggressive medical malpractice lawyers to handle them.

If you think we can help you or your loved one call 801-424-9088 to set up a free consultation or fill out our consultation form and we will contact you. Our team of medical malpractice lawyers in Salt Lake City, Utah is successful because it is dedicated to, and focused on, helping medical malpractice victims. Whether you or a loved one has been injured due to nursing home abuse, birth injury or another medical malpractice case, please contact us immediately.

Attorney for Medical Negligence
Birth Injury Medical Negligence Case
Recently, G. Eric Nielson & Associates, a leading medical malpractice lawyer in Utah, settled a severe birth injury case for over four and a half million dollars. This case involved, unfortunately, all of the sad clichés that are seen in modern medicine.
Delayed Cancer Diagnosis Malpractice
Delayed Diagnosis Cancer
"John," a 43 year old mail-carrier with 6 children, notices a lump on the back of his neck just above his collar line. The lump is removed and sent to pathology for analysis.
nursing home abuse lawsuits
Nursing Home Abuse
A 58-year-old woman goes to the doctor for knee surgery. She wants to enjoy square dancing with her husband. She has also been left with three grandchildren under the age of seven to raise in her home.
Dangerous Supplement
Dangerous Supplement
"Mary's" husband, a 47 year old manager of an electronic store, was having trouble sleeping. He found something on the internet, a "dietary supplement," to help him.
Baby face with hand near face
Birth Injury Cases
When you want an accounting of complications during pregnancy or childbirth, our Salt Lake City birth injury lawyers can help. G. Eric Nielson & Associates focuses our entire practice on medical malpractice litigation.
Failure Monitor Medication
Failure Monitor Medication
After a mastectomy, "Betty" developed an infection. Her doctor prescribed the drug Gentamicin to fight the infection. This drug is known to cause impairment to a person's vestibular function, which controls a person's ability to balance.
Product Liability
Product Liability
"Abby" was six months old and had a congenital heart defect. When she went into the hospital for scheduled heart surgery, she was a happy, bouncy baby girl with a full life ahead of her.
Pharmacy Error
Pharmacy Error
"Joan" was diagnosed with a serious illness. Her doctor prescribed one medication to treat the illness and another medication to help with the anxiety associated with the illness. She went to her local pharmacy to get both prescriptions filled.
missed appendicitis diagnosis
What is the Worst thing that can happen when the Appendicitis diagnosis is missed?

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