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Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis

Except in the most severe cases, cerebral palsy is often not diagnosed until a child is three to five years old. This is when most parents begin to notice that their child is developmentally delayed compared to their peers and seek medical diagnosis.

The first signs of cerebral palsy are usually developmental delay in reaching key growth milestones, such as rolling over, sitting, crawling, and walking. Parents are usually the first to notice such delays, as they are with their child on a day to day basis.

If a child experienced a traumatic delivery, doctors may become more conscientious about the possibility of cerebral palsy and observe the child’s development more closely. This may tip a parent off that the cerebral palsy could have been the result of a hypoxic brain injury caused during the delivery. If you believe your child has not met their milestones at their pediatric visits, you had a traumatic birth and there is no other explanation for their delayed development, contact the attorneys at G. Eric Nielson & Associates, your Cerebral Palsy Lawyer in Utah.

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