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Salt Lake City Cerebal PalsyThere is currently no cure for cerebral palsy. If your child is born with this devastating condition, your doctor can help you create a treatment plan. Some treatment options include:

Physical Therapy

Exercise and muscle training will help your child with balance, flexibility, coordination and strength. It can also help your child learn to use crutches, braces, splints or a wheelchair if necessary.

A physical therapist will first attempt to prevent muscle atrophy (the deterioration of muscle tissue from lack of use). The therapist will work to prevent the contraction of muscles caused by cerebral palsy, while improve motor skills through a series of exercises.

Behavioral Therapy

A behavioral therapist can coach your child, working to improve his or her physical, mental and communication skills. The therapy will vary based on your child’s specific needs and degree of disability. A speech therapist can help your child with speaking, swallowing and eating. An occupational therapist can teach your child self-sufficiency and fine motor skills such as writing.

Drug Therapy

Drugs may be prescribed to control seizures caused by cerebral palsy. These drugs vary widely, as the source of the seizures can be attributed to a number of different causes. Different combinations of these drugs also may be required in each individual case.

Drugs like baclofen, diazepam, and dantrolene may also be used to control the spasticity associated with cerebral palsy. These medications work by inhibiting chemical processes in the central nervous system, and have side effects that should be discussed with your doctor.


Surgery is often recommended in patients who suffer from extreme muscle contractions and have not responded well to other forms of treatment. Surgeons can lengthen tendons and muscles to correct contractions.

If surgery is agreed upon, pre-operative analysis is the most important aspect of this option. Here doctors select which tendons and muscles will be adjusted to compensate for contractions and help increase range of motion. This is crucial to the process, as complex movements such as walking may require a number of different muscle groups to be altered.

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