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How to Identify Medical Malpractice in Birth Injury Cases

As a new parent, the responsibilities of taking care of a new child are overwhelming—and that struggle becomes even more complex if your child has been injured due to a mistake in the birthing process. It’s a tough road to navigate, but understanding whether medical malpractice played a role is crucial. That’s where having a […]

Utah’s Best Birth Injury Attorneys

The delivery of a newborn child is one of life’s most miraculous events. Often, it is the culmination of months of preparation and effort, and results in a joyful addition to a family. It is during this process that expectant mothers and fathers put their trust in the care and professionalism of their doctors and […]

Why You May Want to Reconsider Giving Birth in a Small Hospital

You need to think ahead when you’re getting ready to have your baby, because your doctor might not. Remember, although this delivery is the most intense and exciting thing you’ve experienced in the last several years, or maybe even in your lifetime, it will likely be just one of several your doctor delivers that day. […]

Shoulder Dystocia/Brachial Plexus Injuries

Shoulder Dystocia occurs when a baby descends through the birth canal and their shoulder gets caught up on the mother’s pelvic bone.   With proper medical training, this is not a medical emergency. Nonetheless, many physicians are not well prepared for this situation. They panic, and begin to pull up or down on the baby’s […]

What is a fetal heart rate tracing?

What is a fetal heart rate tracing? The goal of fetal heart rate monitoring is to prevent fetal injury that might result from disrupted fetal oxygenation during or prior to labor.  Lack of oxygen to a fetus can cause significant brain damage, resulting in cerebral palsy. Hospitals utilize either external monitoring or internal monitoring to […]