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Nursing Home Abuse

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A 58-year-old woman goes to the doctor for knee surgery. She wants to enjoy square dancing with her husband. She has also been left with three grandchildren under the age of seven to raise in her home. Being a laid back grandma is not an option. “Susan” trusts her doctor.

The surgery goes well. After 5 days in the hospital, Susan’s orthopedic surgeon discharges her to a nursing home for rehabilitation. He dictates a discharge order to discontinue Susan’s anti coagulation medication (Coumadin) and replace it with Aspirin to protect Susan against blood clots. Tragically, through a combination of errors on the part of nurses at the hospital and the nursing home, Susan is given both drugs over an 8-day period. Everyone is “asleep at the wheel.” The orthopedic surgeon never notices the mistake. The internist who is supposed to take care of Susan in the nursing home never visits her. The laboratory that is supposed to be following her medications never sees the problem. The nurses at the nursing home conclude that Susan is a “whiner” and ignore her complaints of low back pain. A subdural hematoma, caused because Susan’s blood is now too thin, slowly destroys Susan’s spine for several days before anyone diagnoses the problem. Susan will spend the rest of her life trying to take care of three young children and an ailing husband from a wheelchair.

All five defendants in the case, the hospital, the nursing home, the orthopedic surgeon, the internist, and the laboratory – blame the others for the mistake. Incredibly, the nursing home staff actually testified under oath that Susan was responsible for her own injuries because she had a complaining nature! The case eventually settled, for a very substantial sum of money, which will take care of Susan’s financial needs for the rest of her life.

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