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A failure to diagnose or delay in diagnosis often leads to an untreatable illness that would have been treatable if diagnosed in time. It is tragic when this negligence occurs. If you or a loved one has been a victim of a misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis, G. Eric Nielson & Associates will zealously fight for you. Our 20 years of experience allows us to effectively serve clients. We devote our practice to obtaining compensation for medical malpractice victims. Contact a Utah medical negligence lawyer for a free consultation and case evaluation.

Delay in Diagnosis of Cancer or Other Problems

Commonly misdiagnosed or undiagnosed health problems are breast cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, esophagus cancer, heart attacks, and cervical cancer. Our firm diligently represents clients victimized by medical negligence.

  • Failure to properly read a pap smear
  • Failure to perform expensive tests when a patient has some symptoms but not all symptoms
  • Failure to recognize serious symptoms
  • Failure to perform biopsy when other tests appear normal
  • Assume a diagnosis for an ailment rather than performing necessary tests
  • Failure to refer patients to a specialist when necessary
  • Failure to properly care for an underinsured patient or Medicaid patient

Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis

Many post-menopausal women find a lump in their breast. Usually this is a cyst. However, our medical malpractice attorneys successfully handled a case in which the doctor failed to perform the necessary tests to verify that it was a cyst. The lump was cancerous and could have been treated. However, because the doctor failed to diagnose the cancer soon enough, the cancer was no longer treatable when it was finally detected.

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We aggressively pursue compensation for our clients. If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of a doctor’s negligence in diagnosing a health problem, contact a Utah medical negligence lawyer for a free consultation.

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