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When you want an accounting of complications during pregnancy or childbirth, our Salt Lake City birth injury lawyers can help. G. Eric Nielson & Associates focuses our entire practice on medical malpractice litigation. We offer clients more than 20 years of experience in this precise field. Contact our birth injury lawyers for a FREE consultation and case evaluation.

What Happened?

Often when an infant is injured or lost during birth, doctors are unwilling to tell parents exactly what went wrong, or even what happened to their child. At G. Eric Nielson & Associates, our Salt Lake City birth injury lawyers will work zealously to find those answers – at no charge to you.

Was There a Birth Injury?

Our Utah birth injury attorneys utilize a network of top medical experts to evaluate the following:

  • Is there an injury?
  • Could the medical professional have prevented the injury?
  • How much damage occurred?


As experienced Salt Lake City birth injury lawyers, we are skilled at recognizing the signs and symptoms of a birth injury. We handle cases involving any type of birth injury.

Types of Birth Injury Cases


Shoulder Dystocia

Shoulder Dystocia is a very common birth injury. Doctors who exercise patience or perform a pelvic exam to determine if a c-section is warranted may avoid causing this injury. Shoulder dystocia occurs when the doctor exerts excessive force to dislodge the infants’ shoulder and subsequently stretches the brachial plexus nerve. This often results in a deformed or limp arm. Our Utah birth injury lawyers are experienced in proving liability for this birth injury.

Finding Answers

Our Provo birth injury attorneys understand how devastating it is not to know or understand what is wrong with or what happened to your child. We will get the answers for you. In addition to a free consultation, our Utah birth injury lawyers will arrange for an expert evaluation of your child in order to get those answers. Our ultimate goals are to successfully resolve these issues and obtain proper compensation for our clients. This evaluation is completely free to our clients.

We Can Help

Even if you are unsure that a problem is the result of negligence, our Salt Lake City birth injury lawyers care enough to find answers for our clients. Contact our Utah birth injury attorneys for a free consultation and evaluation.

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